The Escapists 2 Pocket Breakout The Escapists 2 APK + DATA

The Escapists 2 APK + DATA

Combine RPG elements, interesting puzzles and some cute simplistic pixel art and you have the The Escapists 2 APK MOD. those of you that missed out on the first escapist game it came out back in 2015 and it was a prison theme RPG. you play as a prisoner trying to escape prison. The Escapists 2 APK MOD follows the same gameplay as the first game while adding in a bunch of new features.

Download The Escapists 2 APK MOD Prison Breakout

The gameplay looks really complicated or intimidating. there is a tutorial person that pretty much wants you through the basic elements of a prison. following the rules of the prison crafting tools and how to use those tools to escape. it’s definitely not the most in-depth tutorial and what you learn from it will immediately give you the answer to solving all the prison’s obviously but it does give a good foundation for new people just starting the series.

You’ll have to interact with like the dining hall, showers, job office and the exercising room. this is where you’ll want to take note of where everything is because every prison is designed differently. though it has a variation of each thing mentioned prior after the tour you’re dropped into the meat of the game.As you start off your first day in prisons the day goes you’ll begin to learn the rhythm of the prison.

The Escapists 2 APK MOD is a hilariously offline strategic RPG game which will give you thrilling sandbox strategy experience. Your only goal is to live a life as a prisoner and try hard to get out of the prison. There are various options and tools available for you to use while planning your way out. If you have played its first part the escapists then you will have no problem playing this sequel.


Requires Android: 5.0 and Up

Version: 1.0.554288



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