sniper_vs_thives_mod apk

Snipers vs Thieves Tricks & Cheats

sniper_vs_thives_mod apk
sniper_vs_thives_mod apk

Snipers vs Thieves Tricks & Cheats

1. Try Pulling Off Mid-Air Trick Shots

• After using explosive ammo, you can finish thieves off by shooting them in mid-air if you have the skills to do so. Head shots are your best bet when it comes to eliminating a thief in one fell swoop. Body shots are cool and all, but you should make it a habit of aiming for the head. Try shooting at a thief’s money bag too. That way, you’ll cause them to lose some or all of the money they just stole. Oh and here’s a random trick for ya – touch the van at the beginning of the game to honk the horn.#Snipers vs Thieves Tricks & Cheats

2. Pay Attention to the Film Clapper

• If you see a film clapper on screen when playing as a thief, it means you can move part of the environment to your advantage. Pay close attention to the green arrows, too – they designate the status of a potential hiding spot. A full green arrow means the cover will protect you 100-percent, a half-green arrow will only provide you with…well, half the protection you’re used to and a cracked green arrow means someone’s already taken that place to hide.#Snipers vs Thieves Tricks & Cheats


3. Take Advantage of Mask & Bag Abilities

• Different masks have some interesting abilities; some have crazy dodge moves and the ability to refill your adrenaline meter. By the way, you should check out all the stats of every bag once you unlock them all. Each bag offers you more room to store money and more durability, but they also increase in weight and money drip rate. The rates for each category raises up as you get to the next bag tier.#Snipers vs Thieves Tricks & Cheats

4. Upgrading = Ranking Up

• Upgrade gadgets you don’t use to rank up quicker; you may find them more useful than you initially thought. Leveling up gadgets means factors such as their cooldown may increase or their cooldown rate will decrease. As a thief, focus on upgrading your disguises more than anything else. As a sniper, focus your upgrading efforts on your ammo.#Snipers vs Thieves Tricks & Cheats

5. Cop Some New Gear

• If you’re having trouble earning cash or killing thieves, buy a new bag or rifle to help you out. This tactic can obviously make a huge difference. Tap on the “Trigger a Sale” button and make sure you pay less for the best! That way, rifles and bags will be 10-percent off.#Snipers vs Thieves Tricks & Cheats

6. Disease Ammo!

• Use Disease Ammo when thieves are clumped together to infect everyone in a close area. As for the other types of ammo available, they stick to the following categories – Poison, Freeze, Caltrops, Big Head, Dumdum and Machine Gun. Each of these ammo types are beneficial in their own ways (especially the Machine Gun variation!), so experiment with each one until you come upon your favorite.#Snipers vs Thieves Tricks & Cheats



7. Drop Some Supplies ASAP!

• Use gadget supply drops at the start of rounds to make sure that thieves haven’t passed them. Aid your fellow thieves with Buddy Stamina to help keep the team moving and be sure to drop some Decoys in order to throw those snipers off your trail.#Snipers vs Thieves Tricks & Cheats

8. Try Out Different Gadget Combinations

• Combine different gadgets for interesting synergies; for example, try combining the digger with the Speed Boost for speedy tunneling. Your gadgets are broken down into three categories for both classes – Ammo, Support and Trap (Snipers), then Boosts, Support and Disguise (Thieves). Use all of them during a game since as soon as you start up a new game, their total stock will be refreshed. Thieves tend to be well off with the gadget combination of the Stamina Boost, Buddy Health Head Safe items. Snipers should do well every time with the Explosive Ammo, Mines Drop and Freeze Trap gadgets.#Snipers vs Thieves Tricks & Cheats

9. Slick Taunts Will Save Your Life

sniper_vs_thives_mod apk
sniper_vs_thives_mod apk

• Some taunts will stop you almost instantly; use these to fake out a sniper just before they shoot at you.

10. Keep Your Eyes Peeled at All Times for Tired Thieves

• When you’re targeting a single thief, take note of how he’s moving across the map. It’s easy to pick up on how tired a thief is due to how fast they’re moving. The slower they’re running, the less gas they currently have in the tank. You should take the opportunity to eliminate a thief once he takes a breather before or after upon reaching his checkpoint. You should also take the chance to take out any other thieves that may be in the vicinity of your sole resting target (chances are they’ll be trying to recover some stamina, too). It’s also worth shooting at the hiding spot of a thief since it’ll surprise ’em and bring ’em out in the open.#Snipers vs Thieves Tricks & Cheats 

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