Injustice 2 v3.6.0 MOD APK

Injustice 2 MOD APK-gamealay
Injustice 2 v2.4.0 MOD APK-gamealay
Injustice 2 MOD APK-gamealay

Injustice 2 v3.6.0 MOD APK

Injustice 2 v3.6.0 MOD APK From Another Action Survival Online game arrived on Android just like Last Day On Earth and Jurassic survival. This time its Grim Soul Dark Fantasy Survival MOD APK. while comparing this online survival game you might have known that its about gathering materiel and building your own home so you can defend yourself from enemies. its completely an online game and not an offline game so a working connection is must require. Grim Soul MOD APK Fantasy Survival features split items MOD and free purchase in the shop.

Injustice 2 v3.6.0 MOD APK which has just appeared on the Play Store in soft launch it is not out in the UK or the US on getting battered by a big monkey so don’t go looking for it you will not find it there. all you will see is PRE-REGISTER option in there. so its better to get your Injustice 2 APK with Obb data from Andropalace. now this is the sequel to the what turned out to be very popular mobile tie-in Injustice the Gods Among us. I’m just failing it this is only about level three or four and it follows very much the same kind of techniques and style of the first game which is that it looks like a 2d brawler but really it’s a kind of a card game. Injustice 2 is an online game and you can not play it offline at all. also the MOD APK of Injustice 2 would appear late or you will not see unlimited money mod at all because its a completely an online game.

Download Injustice 2 MOD APK Android v3.6.0 From Links Given Below

It’s kind of card game what it ultimately is so you collect the characters like cards and then you use them to fight against the trio of other folks. the fighting itself is very basic you just tap on the screen and you’ll go attack and attack you can swipe forward to do like a lunging forward attack swipe back to get out the way. they’ve added a couple of other things from injustice one. I didn’t play a lot of it to be honest with you but I believe that like things like the vertical attacks and lower tax and stuff.

Developers have tried or at least made an effort to make the fighting a bit more sophisticated but I’m going to block here it’s still very very basic and it’s still more about working at which of your cards are the strongest against whichever other characters you’re playing against and then you know matching them up accordingly. it’s always been like white glossy because this is a spinoff from the console games the injustice series which are built on that nether realm engine the same guys that make Mortal Kombat.

The energy charge up,it’s a free-to-play game so you require stamina and you may participate events and all that but you guys will be familiar. I’d be curious to know people are still playing the first game it’s got a lot of love on the Play Store and I know few reasons first of all it was an offline game and the second reason is that we got MOD APK for Unlimited money for Injustice Gods among us. the fan base was quite big in the DC Universe is growing now with the movies.

What’s New: v 3.6.0

Introducing 4 new powerful Heroes, Chapter 6, League improvements and more!
• Collect Arena Hero Batman Ninja Batman and Arena Invasion Hero Batman Ninja Harley Quinn to build your Batman Ninja Team
• Fight for Nightwing Hero Shards in his Arena
• Go up against Blue Beetle in Challenge Mode
• Battle through Chapter 6
• Earn more rewards and donate more shards in Leagues
• Jump into battles quicker with faster load times
• Bug fixes

What’s In The MOD APK of Injustice 2:-

No Skill CD

Requires Android: 4.4 and Up
Version: 3.6.0

Install Injustice 2 MOD APK,Place data in Android/obb/ and Play.Must Use Proper MOD APK.

Download Links:




Jurassic Survival MOD APK Unlimited Money 2.3.1

jurassic survial apk mod latest version tips and tricks android gamealay

Jurassic Survival MOD APK

Have you played Last Day On Earth Survival yet?. Its marvelous survival game, creepy open world game full of zombies and resources hunting gameplay. now what if you erase zombies from LDOE and add dinosaurs instead of zombies. you will get Jurassic Survival MOD APK which is from Mishka Production. i have pretty much enjoyed every bit of LDoE. amazing detailed worlds full of zombies and different materials,unexpected loot parts and of course crafting different tools. Jurassic Survival MOD APK just released in the P.S. MOD APK is avaialble now with free crafting,free shopping and split items MODs.

Jurassic Survival MOD APK Unlimited Money Crafting and Split Items 2.3.1

Last Day On Earth is still winning in the play store. appearing in almost all countries in top free games charts. then developers started to clone most famous games. LDoE is on target this time. Jurassic Survival MOD APK is 90% same as LDoE but what here you will get is dinosaurs. its already getting positive reviews from the players. people who loves dinosaurs will surely follow jurassic survival instead of LDoE.

Game is almost same as LDoE. from loading screen to gameplay part and loot parts everything is ditto copy. one thing they did good is that they have added dinosaurs in the game. Gameplay features same features like crafting different tools with different materials,gathering loots and making your home base. visit different locations to gather more higher loots. counter with many different dinosaurs and of course kill different A.I players to take their loots.


Jurrasic Survival MOD APK is an amazing survival action game which runs online. most addictive part of this game is roaming and gathering different items. leveling up your character and craft more powerful tools. since you will be using Jurassic Survival MOD apk you can free craft weapons,buy items free with coins and even split items MOD is added for more addictive story adventures. if you have played last day on earth then you should try jurassic survival dinosaur as well. its an amazing survival game.

What’s In The MOD APK:-

  1. Duplicate of things Including single items.
  2. Craft and construction without resources.
  3. All drawings are available immediately.
  4. Coins in plus.
  5. Strength of weapons and equipment. (full)
  6. Rapidly quenching hunger and thirst + health to maximum
    (we drink water – we satisfy hunger, we eat – we quench thirst)

Requires Android: 4.1 and Up

Version: 2.3.1



Download Links:



Farmville 2 Country Escape V14.8.5331 MOD APK Unlimited Key

Farmville 2 Country Escape v10.3.2563 MOD APK Unlimited Key
Farmville 2 Country Escape v10.3.2563 MOD APK Unlimited Key
Farmville 2 Country Escape V14.8.5331 MOD APK Unlimited Key

Farmville 2 Country Escape V14.8.5331 MOD APK Unlimited Key

Farmville 2 Country Escape V14.8.5331 MOD APK Unlimited Keys is an offline farming casual Android game from Zynga. You can check its popularity only by checking game’s Ratings and downloads. Millions of downloads since game released for Android. so here is the MOD APK for Farmville 2 country escape so download it from .


Farmville 2 Country Escape V14.8.5331 MOD APK Unlimited Keys Offline
Farmville 2 Country Escape V14.8.5331 MOD APK Unlimited Key is a farming game where you’ll be able to begin your own farm and feed animals so download it from . Farmville 2 Country Escape V14.8.5331 MOD APK Unlimited Key is Associate in Nursing offline multi genre robot game wherever your goal is to try to to some special works like planting and farming and sell merchandise and earn more cash.if you have played farmville before then try now with our Farmville 2 Country Escape V14.8.5331 MOD APK Unlimited Keys its more fun that playing an original normal game.

Game Details:

There is planning to be little concerning this game that you just do not already understand the gameplay parts stay just about identical new plant crops to feed animals buildings cracked so i do not assume render farm complete missions and every one that jazz rather like you’d on the terribly a measure to there area unit many belongings you will try this you cannot do the desktop version like formation for things however even those things follow an identical pattern in mechanics there area unit many additional variations you can’t set down plots absurd implant. unlimited keys offline so download it from .other restrictions in to date as I will tell water seems to be impotent and you now not would like energy to craft things the sport connects to each Facebook and it conjointly has Google play games achievements if you are into mistreatment those it options the similar mechanical asking friends for numerous currencies in game therefore check that you recognize someone is enjoying otherwise another missions can get very arduous to complete there are some powerful missions to complete.

What’s In The MOD APK:
Unlimited Keys
Requires Android: 4.0 and UP

Version: 14.8.5331
PLAY LINK: Farmville 2 Country Escape V14.8.5331 MOD APK Unlimited Keys

Install MOD APK and play.

Download Links:




Westland Survival v0.15.5 MOD APK Unlimited Money & Free Craft

Westland Survival MOD APK Unlimited Money & Free Craft
Westland Survival MOD APK Unlimited Money & Free Craft
westland survival Gamealay

Westland Survival v0.15.5 MOD APK Unlimited Money & Free Craft

Westland Survival v0.15.5 MOD APK Unlimited Money & Free Craft by gamealay ltd is a survival MMORPG with beautiful graphics download it from gamealay. The gameplay of survival in difficult conditions just like Last Day on earth Survival. The settings of the Wild West and many other positive traits. Gamers are invited to move to the land of the Great Plains and build a ranch. They are waiting for resource extraction, construction of buildings and defensive structures, completing quests, travel and of course the battle with a variety of dangers, of which there is big set. Westland Survival MODDED APK is packed with Unlimited Money,Free Purchase and Crafting.

Download Westland Survival v0.15.5 MOD APK Unlimited Money & Free Craft From LINKs Given Below

In the WildWest Survival MOD APK of the Great American outlaws and even sheriffs are corrupted and hungry for money. And then bounty hunters are born. you are the pale hunter who is surviving in the westworld following west cultures. Your only goal is to survive and bring down the thief and enemies. When it comes to MOD APK for Money you will have them from the beginning so you can build and craft all equipment, cloths and weapons at your finger tip.


If you have played LDOE then you will be much more familiar with this game. Its menu,tabs and gameplay is all inspired from Last Day On Earth. We have Zombies survival game, Jurassic survival game and now we have westland Survival game on Android. There is not much to talk about except for the amazing westland settings and new theme. you can build different west world items or unlock equipment. since you will have unlimited money MOD you will be able to build all those building easily without needed of any RANK or level.

Amazing concept of a game based on Survival gameplay. Players are often get addicted due to its collectable gameplay and building shelters. you can easily craft best items using Westland Survival MOD APK. Equip them and get stats boost. alternatively you can roam around the world to gather resources but in this MOD APK you will have Free Purchase and Free craft MOD so you will not need any kind of materials. Enjoy the MOD APK in West World Settings.


What’s In The MOD APK:-
Free Purchase/Craft/Bulilding/Shopping
Magic Split

Requires Android: 4.1 and Up
Version: v0.15.5
PLAY LINK: Westland Survival v0.15.5 MOD APK Unlimited Money Free Craft

Install MOD APK,Place data in Android/Obb/ and Play.

Download Links:




Clash Of Clan v13.180.6 MOD APK Download Latest 2020



Clash Of Clan v13.180.6 MOD APK

Download the Clash Of clan APK Download Latest 2020 Town Hall 12 Offline Servers Version with new troops. Clash Of Clans MOD APK Unlimited Gems 9999999 version 2018 v13.0.31 will give you unlimited gems,coins and green premium currencies. Latest Version of Clash Of Clans MOD APK aka COD MOD APK requires android 4.4 and up with version v13.0.31

Download Latest Version Clash Of Clans MOD APK 2018 v13.180.6

It’s an online game then how can it be modded?
You are right,It’s an online game and this game can not be modded in their official servers.This game is modded with private servers.

What is private servers? How it works?
Private servers are working 24/7 same like pc.Values stores online and game work only when server connects to client aka game which is installed in your game. Clash Of Clans MOD APK exclusive.


Can i join clans and play with others? Raid other players in PVP?

You can raid other players in PVP but you can not join clans or you can not simply use your official COC profiles in this because its a completely different servers.

What’s The Point of it if we do not patch up with official Clash of clans?

Clash of clans servers are highly protected by COC itself. So it is impossible to do something with official the only way to enjoy all the features of Clash of clans is using private servers.

Can i try Builder Base and its maxed upgrades?
Yes you can do it. Upgrade builder base with Unlimited Gems and try all troops at once. you can also attack live other players.

I have already installed coc from play store will it overwrite the installed one?
No, Since this is a private server coc is named differently so even if you have official version installed you can install it without uninstalling the original game.


What’s In The MOD APK of Clash Of Clans:

Unlimited Gems/Gold /Elixir

Requires Android: 4.0 and Up

Version: 13.180.6

Install APK and play online.

Download Links:



Garena Free Fire V1.46.0 MOD APK

free fire mod apk hack gamealay

free fire gamealay mod apk GAMEALAY
free fire gamealay mod apk GAMEALAY

Garena Free Fire  v1.46.0 MOD APK

Garena Free Fire  v1.46.0 MOD APK or Free Fire battlegrounds MOD APK is the newest adrenaline fueled fun game With amazing tactical gameplay experiences From . the game is more like battle royale style It’s an awesome sky diving, good will hunting & last man standing war. Just land on an island where 100 players are dropped off from a plane find the hidden loot & battle to the death. If you have played PUBG MOBILE then you will not need any instructions about this game at all. Free Fire MOD APK is simply a lite version of PUBG Mobile.

Download Battle Royale Game Garena Free Fire v1.46.0 MOD APK

Just like Any battle royale game you will be jumping from the sky. Find weapons and survive in the open field. Don’t stay hidden at one place only as the map keeps on shrinking every minute You are warned before this happens. But once it starts and you’re caught outside the circle your health starts dropping until you die or come inside the circle to stop health from dropping. The good thing about Garena Free Fire MOD APK is that it is exactly the same as any battle royale game.

Auto sprint is a welcome feature with heavily tuned touchscreen playability. The game wants you to sign in either through guest username or facebook ID but the drawback about guest ID is that whenever delete the game & reinstall it you will lose all your progression. so the Facebook ID is the only option. The MOD APK Free Fire also gives you the freedom to create your character which involves gender, skin, color & hair but it has nothing to do with the gameplay.

FreeFire BattleGrounds MOD APK Latest Version Features No Grass and No Fog
You can also purchase additional in-game items for your characters like clothing & accessories. since its an online game so Free Fire MOD APK for Unlimited Money is not possible. and also Free Fire Offline APK is not possible at all. Talking about the controls, player has joystick on the screen left side for moving the character and on the right side of the screen are the controls to shoot, aim, jump, crouch, go prone, and reload. That might sound like a messed up but don’t worry you will get used to within few minutes.

The game FreeFire MOD APK also gives you the choice to play solo duo or as a squad. If you are playing as a duo or a squad the last team standing wins In both modes, you can either select your team manually by using your friend usernames or let the game pick random players for your group. In terms of graphics FreeFire Mobile is pretty good. Moreover it runs really well on mid-end devices as well. so overall Garena Free Fire is a solid battle royale game available on Android.

What’s New: v1.46.0

New Content
1. New vehicle – Monster truck! This demon of a vehicle appears exclusively as an airdrop.
2. New item – Gloo wall. Instantly build a wall as a temporary cover.
3. New character – Paloma
4. Send gifts to your friends and guildmates
5. New melee weapon – Bat
Fixes and Improvements
1. Auto-pickup for certain items has been implemented and can be switched on and off.
2. Modified safezone mechanism so the longer you stay outside the safezone, the more damage you take.

What’s In The MOD APK:-

  • ESP
  • 99% HS

Requires Android: 4.0 and Up
Version: 1.46.0

🚩Tutorial :

  1. Download the mod + imei
  2. Install the mod
  3. Move one of the imei in the internal storage
  4. Play With another new account

Key : trs050202

Download Links:

💚Link :

⏩Mod Menu Free Fire [1.46.x] : CLICK HERE

⏩Dual Space : CLICK HERE


💜Unban Free Fire Account [Change your imei]💜


⏩Free Fire [Mod Unban] : CLICK HERE

⏩Imei [5 Imei + Can be modified] : CLICK HERE

Dream League Soccer 2020 V6.13 MOD APK

dream league soccer 2020 dls 2020 apk mod latest version free download android

Dream League Soccer 2020 MOD APK

Download Dream League Soccer 2020 V6.13 MOD APK

Dream League Soccer 2020 V6.13 MOD APK   DLS 20 MOD APK packed with Unlimited money and gold coin has arrived. An Official offline soccer Android game from First Touch Games Ltd. Actually This 2020 version of DLS Soccer just got updated with new team,new gameplay and new graphics. More new contents Like new soundtracks,New Ways of earning in-game currencies and More Ways to create dream team.

Dream League Soccer 2020 V6.13 MOD APK
The 2020 version of Dream League Soccer is better than you might have expected. Its easily beats the all time favorite games like Pro Evolution Soccer and Fifa Games. because its an offline game so of course its better than all the soccer which is available in the play store. In Dream League Soccer 2020 you will have full advanced features to create your dream team out of scratch. you will need Unlimited Money though but using Dream League Soccer 20 MOD you will have Lots of features with amazing powers to build up your favorite team.

DLS 20 MOD is graphically the game reminds me of well pretty much any other football simulated that makes sense. I have to tell you though the graphics here aren’t the most impressive but quite decent overall the football players all have different faces and shadows from spotlights dynamically change however cut scenes with the are not shown to us.


At the beginning of the game you receive a message that it’s time to gather your team then you select the team captain from a quite a big list of real-life players. the point of the game is certainly to win a match by scoring more goals in your opponent and this leads us to the control system in the left part of the screen there’s joystick which we used to send a player to the necessary.

Special skills are required here because the bots in this game or rather stupid,by the way there is a training mode it could be individual we develop the skill of one player and command you can develop your defense attack handling and naturally all of this costs money which of course you don’t have at the beginning.

Physical engine is also quite good when we speak about free soccer games I always remember dozens of videos on youtube in which the laws of physics cease to exist and players fall through the ground ride than strange poses and so on by the way people has been guilty of such things as well. but during the time that I was playing nothing out of the ordinary happen. Dream League Soccer 2020 MOD APK is free in the play store but use our MODDED APK and you will get Unlimited Money and Coins.

Features Of Dream League Soccer 2020 V6.13 MOD APK :-
Addictive Soccer Game is back
Real Game Physics
Updated Gameplay
New Squads and Player
Totally Offline Playable
Regular Updates are planned
MOD APK with Unlimited Money

What’s In The MOD APK of Dream League Soccer 2020 :
Unlimited Money/Gold Coins

Requires Android: 4.0 and Up

Version: 6.13




Download Both APK & OBB Install MOD APK,Place data folder in Android/Obb/ and play.

Link 1 (APK)

Link 2 (OBB)

Nova Launcher Prime 6.2.10 MOD Apk



Nova Launcher Prime MOD 6.2.10 Apk
Accept no substitutes! Nova Launcher is the original and most polished customizable launcher for modern Android
Nova Launcher replaces your home screen with one you control and can customize. Change icon themes, colors, layouts, animations and more.

Reviewers love Nova Launcher and you will too

For my money, Nova Launcher is the best of the AOSP-style launchers available in Android. –Android Police
Nova Launcher has some very capable hands behind it –Phandroid
Our favorite is Nova Launcher, which strikes a great perfect balance between incredible performance and high customizability without getting too gimmicky and difficult to use –Lifehacker
Chock full of features you won’t find in the stock launcher, and comes highly recommended –Android Central
• Ok, Google – Use Google Search’s hotword right from the home screen, just say the words Ok, Google. Note: Google does not support all devices or locales yet. This limitaiton applies to Nova Launcher as well.
• Color Theme – Set the highlight accent color for the launcher
Also individual Color controls for labels, folders, unread count badges, drawer tabs and background
• Icon Themes – Find thousands of icon themes for Nova Launcher on the Play Store
• Subgrid positioning – Much greater control than standard launchers, Nova Launcher allows you to snap icons or widgets half way through the desktop grid cells
• Customize App Drawer – Custom tabs, Vertical or Horizontal scrolling, Custom effects
• Infinite scroll – Never far from your favorite page, loop through the desktop or drawer continously
• Backup/Restore – Sophisticated backup/restore system allowing you to backup your desktop layout and launcher settings
• Scrollable Dock – Create multiple docks and scroll between them
• Widgets in dock – Place any widget in your dock, such as a 4×1 music player widget
• Import Layout – No need to rebuild your desktop from scratch, Nova Launcher can import from most popular launchers. Including the one that came with your phone.
• Fast – Nova Launcher is highly optimized to do it’s work quickly and quietly, keeping the animations smooth and letting you use your phone as fast as you can move your fingers.

Nova Launcher Prime
Unlock the following extras by purchasing Nova Launcher Prime
• Gestures – Swipe, pinch, double tap and more on the home screen to open your favorite apps
• Unread Counts – Never miss a message. Unread count badges for Hangouts, SMS, Gmail and more using the TeslaUnread plugin
• Custom Drawer Groups – Create new tabs or folders in the app drawer
• Hide Apps – Keep a clean app drawer by hiding never used apps
• Icon Swipes – Set custom actions for swiping on app shortcuts or folders
• More scroll effects – Such as Wipe, Accordion, and Throw

Installing Instructions:

  1. Uninstall previous version of Nova Launcher and Tesla Unread plugin
  2. Install Nova Launcher and the Tesla Unread plugin from my Site (not from Google Play).
  3. Enjoy!
    This version fixed compatibility issues with TeslaUnread and WidgetLocker Lockscreen

This is patched version, fully unlocked prime funstions. No prime key is required.
If your ROM came with Nova Launcher you’ll have to remove it before installing this.


Fixes and optimizations

App Info:

App name : Nova Launcher
Package Name : com.teslacoilsw.launcher
Developer: TeslaCoil Software
Apk Md5 : ebc0bb232c7511bb31a9d6e3053af937
Apk Size :7.9 MB
Update on Play Store :26 March 2020
Version Name & Code:6.2.10(62010)

Requirements: 4.0+

Download Links:


TeslaUnread APK – LINK 1 | MIRROR LINK 2

Grim Soul Dark Fantasy Survival v2.7.0 MOD APK



Grim Soul Dark Fantasy Survival v2.7.0 MOD APK

Grim Soul Dark Fantasy Survival v2.7.0 MOD APK is a free to download and play dark themed fantasy survival MMO-RPG game just like Last day on earth survival From . Story about once a prosperous Imperial province and now the full of plague and covered in fear of darkness. Its tenants have transformed into unendingly meandering Grim Soul Dark Fantasy Survival MOD APK You will likely make due as long as you can in this perilous land. Gather assets, fabricate a stronghold, safeguard yourself from adversaries, and survive battle with zombie-knights and different beasts in this new Souls-like RPG Game.

Click the Links Below For Grim Soul Dark Fantasy Survival v2.7.0 MOD APK

Once you see a fully featured smash hit game you might have seen that almost all developers try their hands on that genre. This time the gaming trends lays on Survival Online game where you can search for different materiel,craft different items and fight against enemies. since its an addictive genre people are more going for these kinda games. after Last Day On earth survival we have seen Jurassic survival and now game Grim Soul Dark Fantasy Survival MOD APK. Its little different in some things but its almost the same. its up to you which game would you prefer.

Features Of Grim Souls Dark:-
Explore Vast Open World Scenarios
Craft Lots of Tools and weapons
Survival in harsh conditions
Defend yourself from Zombie knights and more
Learn crafting and gathering materiel
Level up and improve yourself and your castle
Build a stable and use your horse to scavenge supplies
Use MOD APK Grim Souls for Split Items and free store purchases
Solve mysteries and complete tasks for greater rewards

What’s In The MOD APK:-
Free Craft/Skills
Money Increases when spend
Magic Split Items

Requires Android: 4.1 and Up
Version: v2.7.0

Install MOD APK and Play.

Download Links:


Link 2 Mirror

8 Ball Pool V4.8.1 MOD APK

8 ball pool gamealay

8 ball pool gamealay

8 Ball Pool V4.8.1 MOD APK

8 Ball Pool V4.8.1 MOD APK has been really great and big flagship game from miniclip since it was introduced back in IOS/Android in october 2013 around 2 years back. It was quite famous on miniclip website as well as on facebook. Users can participate in player vs player game or play tournament and win in game currencies called chips. varies game modes requires varies chips win it and get it doubled. Game is real good with its awesome ball physics and good looking pool graphics. varies pool sticks available depends on how much you want to spend in your game. 8 Ball Pool MOD APK ( NO ROOT) Guideline Trick on

8 Ball Pool V4.8.1 MOD APK Guideline Trick (No Root)

Game was quite fun then they introduced the recharging stick options in the game as well as new free coins is a lot fun playing with friends and talking over VOIP. sometimes you end up with the pro player and you just can not get a single chance to hit the ball. game offers varies game modes as well as pool tables you can purchase using chips. collect free coins every hour or get help from friends. In terms of socialization this game did more than any other multiplayer game. It is quite addicted at first part then it takes time to be master

We are gathered here on a funeral of miniclip’s 8 ball pool, Because its been MODDED now. would like to say two sentences for our beloved Android/IOS/PC/FACEBOOK game 8 ball pool that it was a great fun while it last. Well let us go to the point what is in the MOD? it a guideline hack and requires no root access. it was only available for ROOTED USERS of XMODGAMES but now this trick came in a packed modded game so simply install and crack your way through single PVP or multi tournaments.

What’s In The MOD:
Extended Stick Guideline

Requires Android: 2.3 and Up
Version: 4.8.1

Install APK and play.
MOD will only work with recharged cues, its best to use basic cue that does not need any recharge thing.
Caution:- Use this hack only with your temporary account.

Download Links: